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This page is dedicated to the training of and handling of the law enforcement canine.

I have been training police dogs for a long time now so if there are any questions about problem dogs or other aspects email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please allow for a least a week for my reply before you resend your message.  I am receiving approximately 100 emails a day and I can only read so much.

Here are a list of areas I have developed about canines and what is needed to know about them.  I am in the works for adding some more areas to this section referring to basic obedience.  So check back soon.

Grooming and Inspection

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I have made a list of K-9 related links that are not homepages below.   They are links to non-profit organizations and commercial companies.  These links are all canine related and can also be found in the Organizations on the main page.  The Police K-9 Korner in no way endorses or is affiliated with any of the products or companies in this section.  All links are for information only and are no way here to lure you into buying anything.  If you would like your company or a company you know of linked here please fill out the form below.

Non-Profit Organizations

Dogs Against Drugs/Dogs Against Crime (DAD/DAC):
Excellent information about how a police department can go about applying for a grant to start a canine program.

Commercial Companies

Drs. Foster & Smith, Veterinarian-Selected Products for Dogs and Cats

JB Wholesale Pet Supply

RAMCO Police & Military K-9 Training & Schutzhund Dog Sport Equipment

Name of organization:
Type of Organization

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