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K-9 Training

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This section is about the basic training of dogs.  There is information here to teach you how to teach your dog to perform a desired task.  Please if you have another idea how to teach  dog a specific task than e-mail me with a full description of the task and steps used to achieve the desired task.  The most important thing to remember with training a K-9 is patience.  It takes a lot of patience and repetition to get a dog to perform a specific task.

A dog will usually try to learn a task in order to please the handler but before the dog wants to please the handler there must be rapport between the two.  The first thing a handler or trainer must do is build rapport.  For at least the first two days with a dog the handler needs to build rapport with some more aggressive or skittish dogs more time may be needed.  Do not try to give the dog any commands or corrections if possible.  Of course give commands if they are truly needed.  Such as keeping him from peeing in the house.

Bullet; Moving Blue Ball.gif (3556 bytes)Taking the dog for a simple walk.  Take the dog out to relieve him/herself.  Let him run around a fenced in yard or my favorite is a closed off baseball field.  Throw a ball around and play with him.

Bullet; Moving Blue Ball.gif (3556 bytes)An important thing to provide the dog with during rapport building is grooming and inspection.  This is the most important event in a dogs day next to feeding and drinking.

Bullet; Moving Blue Ball.gif (3556 bytes)One sure fire way for a dog to love and respect you is for you to be in control of his food.   Let him see you fill up his feed dish.  Control when he gets to eat by making him perform a task a couple of times before being allowed to eat.  Make him sit or down before letting him eat.   This also helps set you up as the Alpha member.

When you think the dog is willing to please you then you are ready to begin training.   And remember patience.  Good luck.

Basic Obedience

Heel This is the most basic of all tasks and the starting point.  Most other tasks stem from this task.