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Non-Profit Organizations

I have become very interested in helping non-profit organiztions that are dedicated helping law enforcement, children and canines.  I volunteer my off duty time every once in awhile to help local children's programs to show kids cops are not always out to get them.  I am currently teaching civilians how to train their dogs in obidience and house training to try and prevent anymore unwanted canines showing up in the local shelters.  I only charge these people for donations and all donation money I make I give to the local animal shelters or I give to DAD/DAC.  Please visit some of the sites to see just what is out there for our communities.  If you live in the San Antonio area please e-mail me if you know someone that needs help in training their dog.  At any time you want to return to this page use your back button on your browser.

TopCops News Magazine: A Law Enforcement news magazine.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's Home Page : An onlne resource for information on Missing Children and Child Sexual Explotation.