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History Page

The History of this web site has started.  I have had a couple of people ask me questions about the progress of this web site so I have decided to keep those interested, informed.  I will update this page with a description of the changes made to my site every time a change is made.  There will be a time and date of the change so people will see the time frames I worked on this site.  Well thanks for visiting and please continue reading.  All times are in Central Standard Time and on the 24 hour clock.

18 March, 1999
Start Time:
2010. Ending Time: 2020

  • Fixed the link to this page.

  • Screwed up the link to the civilian police links.  I will have that fixed as soon as possible.  I have to start it from scratch.

  • Counter is at 712.

15 January, 1999
Start Time:
2225. Ending Time: 1100

  • The Hit: Law Enforcement Connection WebRing was removed form the web site due to the web ring owner failing to add this site after numerous attempts.   Turns out the ring is no longer up and running.  Thanks for the courtesy of informing after all the attempts to join.  Not like I have anything better to do than wait on you to return my e-mail.

  • Counter is at 375.

10 January, 1999
Start Time:
1045. Ending Time: 1100
  • Counter is at 310.

03 January, 1999
Start Time:
0845. Ending Time: 0925

19 December, 1998
Start Time:
0835. Ending Time: 0940
  • Counter is at 231.

09 December, 1998
Start Time:
1905. Ending Time: 2104

  • Added, deleted, fixed and checked all the links in the federal agencies page.

  • Changed the e-mail hyperlinks through out the site.  New e-mail address is

  • Counter is at 182.

02 December, 1998
Start Time:
1745. Ending Time: 1845

Sorry this web site has been down but I have had a lot of ISP problems over the past couple of weeks.  It looks as if the problem has been fixed, I hope.   I am still waiting on a response form The Hit Law Enforcement Connection so stayed tuned.

  • Several links and states were added to the Civilian Police Links page.

  • Counter is at 134.

23 November, 1998
Start Time:
1825. Ending Time: 1935

  • Link to The Gold Shield Web Ring is active.

  • Poem: Who Are We added to poetry page.

  • Link: 10-8 added to Police Officer Homepages page.

  • Counter is at 84.

22 November, 1998
Start Time:
2106. Ending Time: 2135

  • Added a link to The Gold Shield Web Ring.  The Police K-9 Korner has been accepted (almost).  Waiting on further confirmation.

  • Counter is at 74.

22 November, 1998
Start Time:
1515. Ending Time: 1645

  • Link to Emergency 911 Ring is active.

  • Poem: Called To Give My All added to Police Poetry Page.

  • Minor changes made to Main Page.  You probably can't notice.

  • Counter is at 67.

20 November, 1998
Start Time:
2001. Ending Time: 2100

  • Added an updated link to The Hit Law Enforcement Connection.  The Police K-9 Korner has been accepted (almost).  Waiting on further confirmation.

  • Added a link to Emergency 911 Ring.  The Police K-9 Korner has been accepted (almost).  Waiting on further confirmation.

  • Made some very minor moves on some of the pages.  I doubt you will even notice.

  • Counter is at 59.

15 November, 1998
Start Time:
2008. Ending Time: 2105
  • The Police K-9 Korner's History Page was added.  This will keep a running history of the Police K-9 Korner changes.
  • Added a link to The Hit Law Enforcement Connection.  I am currently waiting for a reply to confirm the K-9 Korner has been added to the webring.
  • Counter is at 35.